Teeth Whitening in Richmond VA: How to Retain Your Natural Teeth Color

The process of teeth whitening in Richmond VA may be difficult when you have no idea of the tricks required. Actually, the process is not meant to completely turn your teeth to crystal white, but to give them their natural color. Many people think that it is just the normal brushing procedure, which is not the case. Experts of teeth whitening in Richmond VA suggest the tips below be the starting point to retain your natural teeth color. Eat Fruits and Vegetables In Plenty Maintaining a healthy smile means adding vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Eating crispy fruits such as raw pears, apples, carrots and celery helps in the polishing and removal of stains from the teeth. They also promote the production of saliva that protects the teeth from any cavity-causing bacteria. Other than the protective role, saliva also contains surfactant compounds and enzymes that are responsible for the production of detergent properties. Using of Baking Soda This is a common trick in many homes and often termed as an easy, at-home stain remover in the world of teeth whitening in Richmond VA. The process includes mixing of lemon juice and baking soda. These two products will give you a wonderful paste. The baking soda helps to remove dirt from the tooth enamel while the citric acid from the lemon juice helps in bleaching. For sensitive gums and teeth, it is advisable to use only baking soda to remove stains. Brush with Berries

Strawberries are healthy fruits you can never afford to do away with. Using these fruits will help to lower the risk of suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer, high-blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. The content of vitamin C in strawberries helps to whip away plaque from your teeth. The malic, on the other hand, helps to remove stains from the teeth’s surface. Eat Cheese Do not forget to put cheese on your table if you want to whiten your teeth. Cheese contains phosphates, protein, and calcium, which are vital for the prevention of mouth cavities. It also promotes enamel remineralization. Other than preventing mouth cavity, these elements also help to make the teeth’s enamel stronger.

Teeth whitening has never been easier. Gone are the days when stained teeth was permanent and irreversible. However, care must be taken to ensure the procedure is done safely and by experts. You can now restore your original smile again thanks to this advancement. For more information visit Advanced Dental Care of Richmond.



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