A Family Dentist in Waikiki Emphasizes Preventive Care

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Dental Services

A Family Dentist in Waikiki provides dental care to people of all ages. The dentists who work at a family-practice dental clinic emphasize preventive care, encourage patients to come in for regular professional teeth cleaning and exams, and treat teeth and gum problems that develop. They encourage parents of children and teenagers to take advantage of preventive measures such as dental sealants. Research has confirmed that dental sealants reduce the incidence of tooth decay.

Dental hygienists are commonly the employees at dental clinics who provide dental sealants and other types of preventive care, such as the scaling away of tartar buildup and the application of fluoride treatments. These treatments are particularly recommended for youngsters, and especially for those who have experienced problems with tooth decay in the past. Dentists supervise these hygienists and check each patient’s teeth afterward.

One problem dentists have found is that low-income families tend to avoid an effective amount of preventive dental care because they cannot figure out how to pay for it. Some people who reside in and around Waikiki were hard-hit by the recession, and the poverty rate in certain parts of Waikiki and the surrounding area is relatively high. Nevertheless, even though families may avoid bringing their children to a Family Dentist in Waikiki for preventive care, that care can be highly beneficial for preventing dental problems. A small area of tooth decay can quickly progress to the point where it becomes painful for the child. The family then has to figure out how to pay for more costly dental treatment that they could have prevented with the use of dental sealants.

The Landmark Dental Group practice offers a variety of ways for patients to pay for preventive therapy. The clinic accepts dental insurance, payments directly from the patients, and major credit cards. Many patients may be eligible for credit from a third-party provider that specializes in health care financing. This is helpful for parents who need to provide dental care for their children but cannot afford to pay the bill all at once.

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