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by | Jul 21, 2014 | Health

The ears are one of the most important organs in the body. This is because they aid in hearing and also in the maintenance of body balance. It is therefore important to ensure that you maintain good hearing at all times. The things that lead to loss of hearing include ear infections, listening to loud music continuously and trauma to the ears. Most people lose their sense of hearing because of reasons that can be easily prevented. It is however possible to do achieve hearing loss protection. Here are some tips that will be useful.

Inner ear problems

For the ear to decipher sound, there are small hairs that are found in the inner ear which vibrate to the sound and bend inwards. These vibrations create electric impulses that are sent to the brain. When the hairs are bent excessively as a result of exposure to a loud sound, the hairs will bend permanently and as a result hearing loss occurs. The best way to protect your ears from this type of hearing loss is wearing hearing protection gadgets that will protect the inner ear from loud sounds such as gun blasts, industrial equipment noises and other tools.

Protecting the eardrum

The other type of hearing loss that is common is when the eardrum is affected. The eardrum acts as an amplifier for the sound waves that are turned into sound. There are three things that can interfere with the eardrum. The first is loud and traumatic sound leading to the bursting of the eardrums. The second is when earwax blocks the ear passageway and covers the eardrum, making it impossible for sound waves to reach it. The third is physical trauma bursting the eardrum. To protect yourself from this, you can get either electronic hearing protection or the traditional earmuffs.

If you are working in an industry that is very noisy, you need to think about getting hearing protection from experts in the production of these hearing aids. Allen Ear Nose and Throat Association is one place where you can get great good hearing aids and protect yourself. For details about hearing loss protection.

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