Advice for Teaching Children’s Yoga

Teaching children’s yoga isn’t the same as teaching yoga for adults. It’s more rewarding, fun and yet quite a bit challenging at the same time because face it, children are different than their parents. With that in mind, read on for advice to follow when you are a...

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How to Enhance a Child’s Life with Yoga

As a yoga instructor, you know that yoga is a popular activity practiced by adults to help them relax, focus better, and to encourage overall well-being. The same techniques can be applied to children to help enrich their lives and improve self-awareness of their...

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What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is similar in style to Ashtanga Yoga, with many of the same benefits and qualities. It is fitness-based and some of the benefits include increased stamina and strength, building internal heat and reducing stress. Power yoga in Jacksonville area offers...

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