Worker Compensation – It’s More Than Just Business Insurance

If you are operating a business, your people are one of your biggest assets. Unfortunately, workers can sometimes be a liability, but you can greatly lower your risks by making sure employees have the right kind of medical attention when they are injured on the job. In fact, the right health care can make the difference between a successful claim and serious legal and health issues for both you and the injured employee.

Choosing the Right Facility

In cases of medical emergency you may need to send a worker to the local ER, but this is only the beginning of what could be a long road to recovery. It’s important to establish a relationship with a local medical practice capable of serving your needs. This is vital for several reasons, and here is why:

     *     For injuries not requiring emergency special care you have some place to send your people.

     *     You can provide your workers with experienced and capable medical care.

     *     There will be no hesitation or taking chances with the well-being of your staff or workers.

     *     Fewer problems with worker compensation claims.

     *     You may avoid many lawsuits and legal issues associated with on the job accidents and injuries.

Who Do You Choose?

There could be many qualified medical practices in your area, and you will need to find which one has all the things you require. Here are some questions to ask when you seek out a healthcare facility.

Do they specialize in worker compensation type injuries?

This is a very important consideration, as worker comp specialists are there to serve your specific needs. You are put in touch with a worker compensation coordinator to help you with the paperwork and medical treatment issues. The staff is very familiar with worker comp problems and can take care of the necessary forms accurately and promptly.

What services should I look for?

As you check out healthcare practices look for ones that provide these important services:

     *     Durable medical equipment

     *     Physical therapy department

     *     Non surgical procedures

     *     Spinal and low back treatments

     *     Pain therapy

With these services on the premises, it can greatly simplify the process for both worker and company. Your people do not have to travel to several offices just for treatment. You do business with fewer billing services, and you can rest easy knowing all the bases have been covered.

When you need worker compensation medical services you can trust, come to Panhandle Orthopaedics. We have been serving the Florida Panhandle region for over 10 years and you can find us on the Web at Panhandle Orthopaedics today for more details.

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