What Does Sports Medicine in Montrose Include?

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Orthopedics

Sports Medicine in Montrose is something that is only recently starting to get wider recognition as a type of medicine in its own right. Sports medicine, contrary to what the name may lead you to think, is not something that is only restricted to athletes. While a sports medicine doctor will often see athletes in their practice, they will also work with all types of patients who are having trouble with movement due to exercise and accidents. It is not uncommon for professional sports teams to have a sports medicine doctor on staff because this type of doctor is specially trained in the management of the unique injuries that happen due to exercise.

The reason that you need Sports Medicine in Montrose can vary widely, but some of the more common sports injuries include:

Concussions: Concussions can occur in a variety of ways and often happen during collisions. When the brain is forcefully moved so hard that your brain’s cells are triggered simultaneously, concussion can result. This type of injury is best treated as soon as possible after the injury. Full recovery is definitely possible, but you have the best chances for a whole body recovery if you are treated quickly.

ACL Sprains and Tears: The anterior cruciate ligament is essential for proper functioning of your knee. If your knee is suddenly forced in the wrong direction or you fall on it hard, a sprain or tear to this ligament can happen. Sometimes surgical repair is necessary, but in other cases rest and rehab can help the injury to heal naturally.

Muscle Strains and Cramps: Your muscles can seize up painfully, which causes muscle cramps that you have no control over. When a muscle is badly cramped it won’t relax and needs to be massaged or treated to go back to its proper position. A muscle strain is more severe than a cramp because it is caused by an actual tear within the muscle. The pain can be tremendous, but a skilled sports medicine doctor can treat these types of injuries with great success.

The sports medicine doctors at Chamberland Orthopaedics can help with all of the sports medicine issues listed above, as well as many other problems. If you are having any of these issues or have another sports injury, consider calling to talk with one of their sports medicine specialists today!



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