The Benefits of Physical Therapy Focusing on Orthopedic in Nitro West Virginia for Postmenopausal Women

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Orthopedics

Physical therapists increasingly tend to specialize, which means service now is available from therapists focusing on Orthopedic in Nitro West Virginia. They mainly help patients dealing with illness or injury to the bones. Patients may have experienced an injury during athletic activity or from a fall at home.


Older women in particular benefit from physical therapy if they have developed a certain level of osteoporosis, which is very common in women after menopause due to hormonal changes. It is so common that people tend to be less concerned about the condition than they should be. Osteoporosis is medically considered a disease that causes reduced bone mineral density, strength and even quality of the bone mineral material. The disorder is a distinct risk for fractures.

Long-Lasting Consequences of Bone Fractures

During the senior years, bone fractures can be permanently disabling. Even after healing, a hip or vertebral fracture may lead a woman to become very sedentary because of chronic pain and fear of another fracture. One goal of physical therapy for senior women is to prevent falls.

Daily Walking

Walking for at least 10 minutes every day helps build bone density in general since the impact of the feet on the ground stimulates cell growth. The additional exercises from the physical therapy program will have additional benefits.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

A physical therapist focusing on Orthopedic in Nitro West Virginia helps postmenopausal women build bone density and strengthen bone structure in the places where fractures are most likely. The exercises also strengthen muscles and ligaments, which is important for older women in maintaining their physical health. The increased strength and flexibility helps them prevent falls and lowers the risk of injury.

When women have already developed some dysfunction because of osteoporosis and lack of exercise, sessions at a clinic such as Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center LLC can help a great deal. Many older women realize they have lost strength in their arms and legs, and they may feel stiffness and discomfort. Weight-bearing exercise is the answer to rebuilding muscle and reducing symptoms of arthritis. Physical therapy also helps these patients regain better posture. You can also follow them on Instagram for more information.

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