Why are Gummy Bear breast implants better?

by | Sep 21, 2013 | Cosmetic and Plastic

Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure with many women, either because they wish to alter their figure or they have had a mastectomy or suffered other trauma to their breasts. Up until early 2012 there were two types of breast implants available; saline and gel. Both of these implants have shells which are made from silicone, the difference is the fill and the method of making the implantation. In early 2012, cohesive breast implants, commonly called Gummy Bear implants became the third choice and they have quickly gained traction with women who are contemplating this procedure.

Breast implants are not impervious to leaking, eventually most of them do even if its 20 years after the implantation. Those implants which are based on saline can actually collapse instantly but there is no danger involved as the saline solution just gets absorbed in the body. The gel filled implants can also leak but it is considerably more difficult to detect this, a woman has to have an MRI to confirm there is a problem.

It is here we see the principle difference between saline and gel filled implants and the Gummy Bear implants. Gummy Bears have a thick gel filler which stays put both in shape and location even if the implant is cut. It is easy to see where the pet name came from.

The fact that the cohesive fill will basically eliminate gel leak and migration is very important, but equally important is the fact that Gummy Bear implants retain their shape, they bounce back to their original shape after any movement. Saline and soft gel implants are both subjected to the laws of gravity, the filling migrates to the bottom of the shell which has a tendency to distort the shape of the breast. This is not the case with cohesive gel, it does not sag or fall to the bottom of the shell. Not only is this important from an aesthetics point of view, it is also important as it reduces dramatically any folds and ripples which are inherent with the other types of implants. This is important as it is the folds and ripples which are the primary causes of implant failure.

Gummy Bear implants have completed their trials and are now commercially available, and believe it, even though they are a little more costly, women are aware of their effectiveness.

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