Your Pet Will Receive The Best Care An Animal Clinic In Wailea

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Animal Health

When a dog, cat or even a gerbil joins a family, they aren’t just a pet. In short order, they become a full member of the family. For at least one member of the family, they also become a best friend. At this point, the family will do whatever they can to keep this new family member in good health. The Animal Clinic Wailea is the place that they will take their pet for check-ups and their inoculations.

The nice thing about a clinic is that they are more than just a bunch of highly qualified vets that get paid to take care of animals. They are a group of people that understand just what a pet means to a family. For this reason, this privately owned pet hospital has been set up to ensure that your pet always gets the very best service and treatment possible.

In addition to having a full service pharmacy right on site to meet all of your pet’s needs, they a quality animal clinic should have a 24 hour emergency service available at very competitive rates. This service is available both during the usual working hours and there should also someone available after hours to give your pet any emergency treatments they should need. This can include Digital X-rays or even surgical services if needed.

Just like people, dogs and cats have dental needs to keep them healthy. The family providing at-home brushing and a good diet is only the beginning. Most clinics recommend a Scale and Polish to remove tartar and a very thorough cleaning. This service is provided under the safety of anesthesia by a highly trained technician under the supervision of the main Vet. While the teeth are being cleaned, they can also do a complete examination of all of the teeth and gums. They offer ultrasonic prophylaxis, Im3 fiber optic dental equipment to scale, clean polish and so much more.

A clinic facility is state licensed to provide supervised vet quarantine services. They could also offer special dog runs, cages and a large outside canine exercise areas for large pets. They may also have separate cat and smaller pet quarters with inside exercise and visitation areas.

Whether your pet needs to be quarantined or boarded while you are away traveling, Animal Clinic Wailea facilities are excellent options that you may want to use. You will already know how well your pet will be cared for while you are away.



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