What Services are Available to Patients at Mental Health Clinics in Chicago?

Depression, grief, anxiety, and other mental illnesses are often treated at a mental health clinic. While people may know what mental illnesses are treated, they do not know what services are offered at the various mental health clinics Chicago area. The following are just some of the many mental health services that may be available at these clinics.

One of the most popular services provided by a mental health clinic is individual counseling. Individual counseling is often required to help many individuals overcome or learn how to manage their mental illness. Individual counseling provided by a mental health clinic will often involve teaching the patient how to handle stressful situations that might trigger symptoms of a diagnosed mental illness, working through personal issues that may have resulted in a particular mental illness, and providing a patient with a safe, secure, and private location to talk about various problems.

Another service that may be provided by various mental health clinics Chicago area is group counseling or group therapy. Many patients with mental illnesses find they are able to cope and manage their illness with the help and support of other individuals who are going or have gone through similar situations. Group counseling, which is lead by a certified therapist who is trained in counseling Chicago residents, can provide patients with access to groups of individuals who are willing to discuss problems regarding the mental illness and listen to patients as they try to figure out how to cope.

The last type of service that may be provided by various mental health clinics in the Chicago area is an in-patient clinic. In-patient clinics are often reserved for patients who are suffering from a mental illness and who are posing a threat to themselves or others. These in-patient clinics provide patients with access to a number of medical and mental services that will help the patient learn how to cope with their illness. These services that are available to the patient can range from help adjusting medication that is used to control the mental illness to access to group and individual counseling sessions. Access to social workers who can provide help finding community resources may also be provided to patients who enter an in-patient clinic for mental illnesses.

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