Relax at the Experienced, Professional Hands of Thai massage Therapists Serving Honolulu HI & Oahu HI Since 2006

by | Jul 24, 2013 | Massage Therapy

At Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage, located in the Samsung Plaza between Subway and Pho Saigon in Honolulu, Hawaii, various massage modalities are offered. Thai Massage (Thai Yoga/Thai Bodywork), Swedish Massage, Lomi lomi, Combination Massage, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, and Rolfing are included. Provided with every massage is Hot Stone Treatment to aid in loosening tight muscles. With Thai massage Oahu HI is also another location serviced. Also offering couples massage. Thai-Issan has been in business since September 2006 with experienced and highly-trained massage therapists that tailor their techniques to clients’ specific needs.

Thai Yoga, also known as Thai Bodywork, is a unique Massage Therapy Services where the therapist leans on the recipient’s body using the therapist’s own hands and body weight to apply firm, rhythmic pressure, all while stretching the client’s entire body. Issan is a fresh, depicted region of northeastern Thailand, known for its spicy food, music and dancing style, and its beautiful women. No wonder this renowned massage business incorporated the word into its name. With a touch of Thailand’s Issan culture, clients always get their pain melted away by caring, professional therapists.

Foot Reflexology is one of Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage’s specialties, which applies to the entire leg, not just the foot. Thai massage Oahu HI and in Honolulu, HI employ properly trained therapists to provide thorough treatment. Reflexology isn’t just about the feet; the ears, hands, and feet have reflexology points that treat dysfunction in correlating regions of the body.

Don’t forget that Hot Stone therapy is included in every massage, whether alone or getting a couples massage. The Hot Stone treatment works wonders on loosening tight muscles; heated stones are placed on different parts of the client’s body, balancing energy centers in the body. It is very good for those who have lots of tension, but prefer a lighter massage with less pressure. At the skilled hands of experienced and professional therapists, care and worries dissipate, and in a very clean and safe atmosphere. A Thai massage Oahu HI client says, “The staff are very professional and there is no seedy element to be feared.”

With therapists who were trained at the top institutions, there are no worries at Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage. At the end of your session, you too will be saying, “Sabai Dee.”

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