Learn How a Diagnostic Imaging Center in St Paul MN Can Help You

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Health

A diagnostic imaging center St Paul MN can provide its patients with an array of different services. One such service is medical imaging St Paul MN. This type of procedure is also known as an MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging.

An MRI is typically used by medical personnel in an array of different situations. It is often a preferred method for many times when further testing is desired. Using strong magnets as well as radio waves, pictures of various bodily systems can be taken so that doctors can then study them further to try to get the answers they need. Because an MRI does not use radiation, it is a safer procedure than xrays.

Because the body part that needs further study is actually placed into the MRI that is located at the diagnostic imaging center St Paul MN, there are three primary types of this piece of diagnostic equipment. The stand up, upright and open designs of MRI give doctors a different, and better, view of the area of the body they are concerned about.

The open MRI machines often can use weaker magnets to give doctors the same type of information they need to diagnose medical issues. However, since there is more room to work with, there is less of an issue for claustrophobia on the part of the patient. Within this type, there are semi open, open and advanced open units that allow for various types of scans.

An upright MRI allows the patient to be in a weight bearing position. This is particularly important if the pain or other medical issues the patient is having depend upon them sitting up or standing. Being able to access images of the spine, for example, while the patient is sitting which is when they have pain, can be an invaluable resource for doctors.

Much like the upright MRI, the stand up MRI allows patients to remain standing so that issues such as a herniated disc can be properly evaluated. The open front of this style of machine also allows many people who are claustrophobic to feel more comfortable as well.



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