Remedy to Alcohol Effects on Male Fertility

by | May 8, 2014 | Health

Excessive consumption of alcohol has been singled out by a number of medical researchers to be a major cause of infertility among men. This is due to the fact that alcohol has particular substances that inhibit the normally formation of sperms. Besides, alcohol is also known to degenerate the cells of the testicles thus making it impossible for the production of normal sperms. If one develops such a condition, then even services by IVF in San Antonio, TX may not help them.

Even though IVF might be of help in some cases, it might be unsuccessful following the restructuring of the testicles due to excessive consumption of alcohol. When the structure of the testicles is changed, there will be a decline in the levels of T serum and a drop in this serum leads to serous infertility issues.

The other effect of alcohol in the male fertility system is that it changes the structure of the sperm. It alters the straight tail as well as the oval head of the sperm. Other than this, alcohol also damages the morphology of the sperm. These compromise the sperms ability to effectively swim and reach the ova and be able to penetrate and fertilize the female egg. When the sperms are unable to swim and reach the ova the only way to fertilize the female egg is through the help of IVF in San Antonio, TX.

Excess alcoholism will also reduce the sperm count. In an ideal situation, the sperm count should be around 120 million sperms per one ml of semen. But taking too much alcohol will result in a reduction in this figure therefore there won’t be enough fluid for the sperms to swim in. Alcohol is also known to cause serious deformities to the sperm structure and even if an IVF were to be successful, it can lead to the baby formation of a baby with certain deformities.

Because of these awful effects of alcohol, men are advised to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. They are also encouraged to learn about the state of their fertility. This can be done privately at home by buying and using a semen analysis test kit. Alternatively, if further test are desired, then you can visit Fertility Institute of Texas for thorough examination. If you already have a low sperm count due to alcoholism, IVF in San Antonio, TX is the option for you but you must cut your intake of alcohol immediately.

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