Sweat and Inspiration Go Hand in Hand at our Pasadena, CA Boot Camp Fitness Classes

by | May 12, 2014 | Health

The success and publicity surrounding the television show “The Biggest Loser” has prompted an explosion of boot camps ready to take advantage of the hype.  However, they are not all created equal and many may not be taught by certified instructors. However, if you choose our Pasadena, CA boot camp fitness classes here at Push Pull Cardio, you can be certain that not only will you get an effective workout but that it will be taught be an ACE instructor.

Is Boot Camp Appropriate for Everyone?

If you are seeking an intense workout that targets the whole body, our Push Pull Cardio classes are just what you may be looking for. You can get your heart rate up to kick calorie-burning into high gear to lose weight. Depending on your fitness level, what other activity can burn up to 600 calories a class?

Our boot camp fitness classes in Pasadena, CA can be for everyone but those who have not exercised in a while or have health issues may need consult with one of our certified instructors first to determine overall fitness level before starting a class. Of course, some exercises can be adapted until a person reaches a better fitness level. People of all fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to try our free introductory session.

Benefits of our Boot Camp Fitness Classes

Pasadena, CA area residents can experience great benefits from our boot camps. We offer a full-body workout that builds your endurance and strength. Be forewarned though. You just might get sore muscles in places you didn’t know you had! However, the workout is such a rush that you will want to continue, regardless of muscle soreness because the results are worth it.

Our instructors ensure that your body form during exercise is correct so you get the most from our workouts. They will push and motivate you while having a great time sweating. The camaraderie among the participants adds to the overall experience too.

Our high energy boot camp fitness classes in Pasadena, CA are always varied so that participants never get bored. The total integrative workouts will boost your overall athletic ability.

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