When to See a Specialist in Podiatry in Saville, NY

by | May 8, 2014 | Health

A lot of people who have foot pain tend to ignore it, figuring that it will go away. Actually, foot pain can be very serious, and it can be a sign that there is something even more serious going on. There are several causes of foot pain, which should be treated by doctors who specialize in treating feet. Foot pain is not something that anyone should have to live with, and most of the time it can easily be treated so people can walk, run, and do other activities comfortably.

Corns and calluses are reasons to see a specialist in podiatry in Saville, NY. These are areas on the feet where the skin is hard, and they need to be removed. Corns and calluses are often painful, and will not go away on their own. Following treatment, the patient will be told how to keep them from coming back. Another reason to see a doctor who specializes in podiatry in Saville, NY is if there is a problem with toenails. Some people are unable to reach their toenails to trim them, which is necessary to avoid ingrown toenails and other issues that can lead to infections. When a person has an ingrown toenail, the nail grows into the skin. It is painful, and the nail can break through the skin, allowing bacteria to get through and cause infection.

Diabetics often have problems with their feet, making it necessary for them to not only have regular visits with their family physicians, but also to seek treatment from specialists in podiatry in Saville, NY. It is especially important for diabetics to take care of their feet. With disease, limb loss is common, and it begins with the feet. Diabetics must be careful to be diligent about washing feet, and visit their podiatrists regularly.

People who have toenail fungus can have it treated by a doctor who works in podiatry in Saville, NY at Sayville Foot Care. Signs of toenail fungus include discolored or yellow nails, and nails that are thick. The nails can be sanded down and removed, then the area is treated so the problem doesn’t reoccur.



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