5 Cosmetic Surgeries with 1 Week or Less of Downtime

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Cosmetic Surgery

Countless patients have come into my clinic and, as we discuss procedure options for their body and health goals, the same questions come up over and over:

“How long will it take me to recover?”

“Of those procedure options, which have the shortest downtime?”

“I have a business trip at the end of next month. Will I be healed and able to travel by then?”

Simply put, my patients tend to be busy people. Between work, conferences and courses, to-dos and a having social life, there is little time left for people to spend on themselves. They see cosmetic surgery as an investment in themselves and recovery from cosmetic surgery as an investment in “me time,” but they know that time is limited.

So, what are the procedures that have a short downtime? Here are 5 cosmetic surgeries and procedures that generally take a week or less of downtime. Note that swelling and bruising may still be present after the first week of recovery, but most people will be able to return to regular activities a week later if they choose.

  1. Breast Lift

Breast lifts raise the nipple and improve the overall placement of the breasts. There is no muscle manipulation, so there is minimal soreness. There may be bruising and swelling to different degrees, but the discomfort should only persist for about seven to ten days.

  1. Breast Reduction

For breast reduction procedures, fat is removed from the breasts, and they are generally raised. Like the breast lift, we don’t manipulate the pectoral muscles for this procedure, so there is only mild discomfort and swelling. Recovery usually only takes three to four days but can last up to a week.

  1. Vaser HiDef Lipo

High-definition liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that targets and breaks down stubborn fat cells through ultrasonic frequency wave technology. The broken-down fat is then removed to allow your toned muscles to show right below your skin. It only takes a few days for the initial discomfort to dissipate, and between 2-3 weeks to fully recover from the procedure, meaning you will be back in action in no time.

  1. Body Liposuction

It often surprises people that it only takes a few days to resume regular activities after regular liposuction of the arms, legs, or stomach. Note, however, that bruising will persist for two to three weeks, and the patient will need to wear a compression garment after that for about six weeks.

  1. Face Liposuction (Submental Liposuction)

Face liposuction usually entails the removal of fat from the neck and chin area. The recovery is usually pretty painless, though there can be some significant swelling and bruising. Patients will need to wear a compressive neck strap for 5-7 days, and often want to take downtime for that. However, patients will usually be able to return to regular daily activities within 3-4 days if they choose to.

Cosmetic surgeries have traditionally been known to be very invasive and difficult to recover from. Fortunately, with top-of-the-line technology and improved techniques, like the ones we use at New York Surgical Arts, can allow you to undergo several cosmetic surgeries to achieve the look you want without the need for significant downtime.

That way, you can be up from rest and back to your daily activities within as little as a few days.

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