Finding a Facility That Offers the Skilled Nursing Care That You Need

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Assisted Living

After having surgery or recovering from an illness, you might need the care that is provided by skilled nursing. Many hospitals have a floor dedicated to this type of care. You can also find a skilled nursing facility in Rockland County, NY, that has workers and patients throughout the entire building. When you begin searching for just the right facility, there are a few things that you should add to your checklist so that you get the best care possible.

Consulting the Staff

When you tour the facility, you need to find out the ratio of workers to patients. You also need to find out about the turnover rate. If it’s high, then there’s likely a reason why workers don’t want to stay at the facility. Make sure the staff has the proper certifications to provide all types of healthcare needed.


Talk to some of the residents who are in each skilled nursing facility in Rockland County, NY, that you visit. Pay attention to how they interact with each other and how they talk with the workers. Look to see if the residents seem like they want to be there and if they are clean. Consider visiting during mealtimes or during busier times of the day to get a better idea for how routines are conducted and how residents are treated.


The floors, walls, and rooms should all be clean in the facility. You shouldn’t notice any overwhelming odors while walking around. Another component that you want to check would be the beds to ensure that they work properly as well as the fire extinguishers to make sure they have been inspected.

Examine the Extras

There should be a variety of meals served, especially for those with certain dietary needs. The facility should also offer a variety of activities to keep residents busy and happy.

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