Here Are a Few Reasons Why Self-Discipline Can Help Make You Happy

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Health

Just about all of us wish that we could be more disciplined. We believe that if we were more disciplined, we could make more money, achieve more goals and generally be more successful.

However, many of us avoid trying to actively become more self-disciplined because to be frank, it doesn’t sound very fun. Indeed, the reasons most of us cite for wanting to be more disciplined typically have little to do with improving our happiness and more to do with growing our bank accounts.

Contrary to what you might think, improving your discipline and ability to get things done can actually make you happier. Here’s how self-discipline can help you feel better.

Procrastination Makes You Feel Awful

When you end the day knowing that you didn’t accomplish all of the things you could have gotten done had you not procrastinated, you typically feel awful about yourself. Regret about procrastinating can drive you to a very dark place, and it hardly lends itself to a sense of positive self-worth. Remember this the next time you want to put off a task that you know you should be doing right now.

Accomplishing Goals Improves Your Sense of Self-Worth

A strong sense of self-worth comes from a feeling of accomplishment and pride in your achievements. When you have a strong sense of self-worth, you tend to be a lot happier. This is why self-discipline creates a feeling of happiness. When you have a feeling of accomplishment, it’s easy to genuinely like yourself.

If you struggle with staying on task and being disciplined, consider looking into breakthrough coaching in Los Angeles. Personal coaches can help you improve your ability to manage your time and achieve the tasks that are important to you and crucial to your success. Breakthrough coaching in Los Angeles can help you to improve your self-discipline, thereby improving your overall happiness.

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