Why Senior Companion Care Can Be So Beneficial?

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Senior Health

According to research, there is a strong link between health and social needs. In fact, in a recent report, a large number of physicians had reported that when social needs were not met, the result was worse health, especially in seniors. The social needs a senior has are just as important as their medical conditions.

The issue is, physicians cannot write a prescription for a senior to have a way to cure their loneliness and isolation. Being able to overcome these emotional challenges can be especially difficult for some, especially if they live alone. Due to a number of circumstances, when seniors age, they can lose touch with friends and family members.

The good news is, there is a simple and effective solution -; using Senior Companion Care services. These companions will stay with the senior, protect their health and wellness as well as their safety and handle household tasks. They also provide the senior with conversation, plan social outings and provide encouragement to help keep the senior mentally active.

This can be quite beneficial and help a senior overcome feelings of loneliness that often occur. Other services that a Senior Companion Care can provide include:

     *     Light housekeeping services.

     *     Preparation and cooking of meals.

     *     Reminders for medication.

     *     Help is getting in and out of bed.

     *     Transportation for various errands and appointments.

     *     Stimulating conversation.

     *     Someone to play games with.

Prior to hiring a care companion, it is a good idea to let the senior meet the candidate. It is essential to make sure they will be comfortable with the person so that they will allow them to handle some of their days to day tasks. Taking the time to do this will ensure the right person is hired for the job.

More information about care services can be found by contacting the professionals from Careminders Home Care. These people will be able to ensure that the best possible person is found for the senior in question. This will provide peace of mind for family members that the highest level of care is being provided for their senior loved one while they are not able to be around. Being educated will help anyone make the best decision possible. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.

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