What To Expect From Your Visit To A Chiropractic In Brookfield WI

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Health

When someone goes to a chiropractor for the first time it is natural that they will have a lot of questions about what will happen and what to expect during their visit. While all chiropractors will operate differently there are a few things that will typically happen during an initial treatment.

Before You Make Your Appointment

Before people make an appointment with a chiropractor they will generally do an initial interview with them, either in person or over the phone, to discuss what their issues are and whether or not the chiropractor will be able to help them. Once they feel comfortable with their choice of care for they Chiropractic In Brookfield WI will make the first visit.

The First Office Visit

During the initial office visit there are several things that will happen. When the patient first arrives they will be given a questionnaire to outline their medical history, background information, symptoms and condition. Some of the questions a person can expect to be included are

*  When did the pain start?
*  Did you have an injury?
*  Describe the pain you are feeling, dull, aching, constant, sharp, burning, throbbing.
*  Is the pain constant or does it come and go?
*  Does anything make the pain better or worse?

In addition to these questions patients will also be asked about their family history, pre-existing conditions, any other injuries, and any known health conditions.

Getting the Necessary Tests

When the patient sees the chiropractor they will perform several tests and give the patient an overall check up to assess their pain and their needs. This can include

*  Checking muscle tone
Determining range of motion
Noting muscle strength
Assessing neurological integrity

The chiropractor may also conduct other tests such as a posture analysis or they may ask the patient to move in different ways or hold themselves in various poses to assess the level of pain they are experiencing and analyzing how to treat them most effectively. In some instances, they may have x-rays done to determine if there is any injury and to get a better look at the alignment of the spine.

Your First Adjustment

Once all of the tests have been completed and a course of treatment has been determined the chiropractor will do an initial adjustment. Some patients experience relief immediately while other must be seen several times before they begin to feel better. This will be determined by the patient, how severe their problem is and how receptive their bodies are to the treatment. A chiropractor will let their patients know how often they need to be seen and will reassess their needs as they continue to treat them.

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