Why Marijuana is Healthy and Beneficial

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Health

There is always the constant debate in the media over whether or not marijuana is good for you when it comes to your health. It has been proven, however, that the impacts of marijuana are actually positive, unlike alcohol that causes many long-term health problems, even death. Believe it or not, marijuana can help you with a lot of your aches and pains and you probably never even realized it. Keep reading to find out why marijuana is actually good for you.


Most people are unaware, but most of the ingredients in the marijuana plant such as cannabidol can be used to reduce painful migraines. Studies have shown that while aspirin is effective in treating some types of migraines, marijuana is hundreds of times more powerful. Doctors in the state of California are using it to treat more than 300,000 patients with moderate to severe migraines.

Stops the Spread of Cancer

Cannabidol has been proven to stop the spread of cancer by turning off the gene that allows cancer to spread throughout the body. This is an amazing discovery and has the probability to save millions of lives if people would open their eyes to the healing power of marijuana. If are in Illinois, you can obtain medical marijuana in Grundy County and various other areas.

Helps to Treat Depression

Studies have shown that people who suffer from depression experience much lower symptom levels when they smoke marijuana regularly. Depression effects millions of people in America. Imagine how much happier the world would be if every state would legalize marijuana? It would be the most prescribed anti-depressant in every state in the U.S.

Tourette’s syndrome and Epileptic Seizures

THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana helps to control people with seizure disorder by regulating relaxation in the brain. It binds the brain cells that control the excitability that causes seizures. This has also been known to help people with Tourette’s syndrome as well.

These are just a handful of the diseases and conditions that marijuana has the potential to help. Many people who suffer from chronic pain due to injury or disease have found that marijuana is one of the only treatments that really helps them with their pain. Medical marijuana has the potential to benefit a number of people who suffer from these conditions and diseases. Someday, it may just be easier for them to get what they need to ease their pain.

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