What Pet Owners Need To Know About Getting Vet Services For Spay And Neuter In Leawood KS

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Animal Health

Pet owners often wonder why they should uses vet services for Spay and Neuter Leawood KS. There are actually a few valid reasons for using such services. People don’t realize that millions of animals in the United States are put down each and every year. Some estimates put the total number of animals put to sleep at animals shelters as high as eight million. Spaying and neutering help to reduce overpopulation. There are simply too many pets that can’t find loving homes. When this happens, the animals end up being strays or being put down.

The benefits of using Cherokee Animal Clinic or another vet for Spay and Neuter Leawood KS don’t stop there. Spaying and neutering are also said to be better for the health of pets. Certain types of illnesses can be avoided by having these procedures completed. The health benefits are seen in both male and female pets. Also, when pets feel the need to reproduce, they can become hard to control. Pets will attempt to leave their homes. The animals then end up in danger. Animals have been hit by cars and attacked by other animals while trying to look for mates. Female pets can become pregnant and need expensive vet care.

There are naturally some common questions that pet owners have regarding spaying and neutering. Some pet owners wonder if it’s best to let their pets have heat before the pets are spayed. From a medical standpoint, it’s best to spay an animal prior to the pet’s first heat. When it’s done this way, it significantly reduces the chance of mammary tumors from forming later in life. People also often wonder if it is okay to spay or neuter puppies. Puppies can usually undergo these treatments as long as they are at least eight weeks. Certain weight limits may apply, and those limits can vary from clinic to clinic.

Another thing people worry about is how much it costs to spay or neuter animals. The cost of spaying and neutering should be the last thing on a pet owner’s mind. There are usually several low-cost options in any given area. People should think about saving for the procedure before even buying a pet.

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