Uncovering The Myths Of Botox Treatments In Beverly Hills

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Healthcare

One of the most common issues in many cosmetic or aesthetic treatment clinics is the myths about any of the procedures that clients may have read about online or heard about from their friends. When it comes to Botox treatment in Beverly Hills, this is usually the case, particularly for those considering the procedure for the first time.

The vast majority of stories about Botox complications are generated from unlicensed and non-medical professionals providing the treatment. In many cases what is injected into the person at the event, spa or party, is not Botox at all. To make matters even more complicated, many people who had collagen injections use the term Botox, even though they are very different things.

To help our clients understand these myths, we would like to clarify a few of the most common we hear in our practice. Our fully licensed doctors will always take the time to explain the treatment, answer any questions you may have, and also make you aware of the very minor side-effects of Botox treatment in Beverly Hills.

Botulism is Possible

While Botox is made from the botulinum toxin, it is a purified version of the protein. Once injected into the problem area on the face, Botox stays in place, relaxing the specific muscle. In some cases, typically when clients fail to follow doctor recommendations for aftercare, or when an untrained person completes the injection, it can move to surrounding areas, but it cannot give you botulism.

You Can’t Move your Face

An experienced doctor will never inject Botox into a muscle of the face responsible for allowing you to have expressions. You won’t have an immobile forehead, and your eyes will still crinkle when you smile, but they will go back to the flat, smooth look of a much younger person when you relax your smile.

All Facial Wrinkles Can be Treated with Botox

One of the first things our doctor conducting Botox treatment in Beverly Hills will assess is the type of wrinkles that are problematic. Remember, Botox only relaxes muscles under the skin that tighten and fail to release. It doesn’t fill in the grooves of wrinkles, and it doesn’t plump up or volumize skin cells.

When wrinkles are caused by other factors, such as genetics, age or even excessive exposure to the sun, Botox is not the right option. Our doctors will talk to you and provide you with ideas to treat those wrinkles, using Botox only where it will be effective.

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