What Are the Consequences of Your Dog Not Having Her Teeth Cleaned?

We all love our dogs. Nothing is too good for them, and they get softer beds than we have. We take them to the dog park for socialization and walk them all day for exercise and fresh air. We get them groomed. However, we should pay more attention to their teeth, and here’s why.

Periodontal Disease

Following a meal, plaque grows on your dog’s teeth. If her teeth aren’t brushed or cleaned, then the plaque morphs into tartar. This tartar keeps building up with every meal, getting thicker on her teeth.

If the tartar has gotten beneath the gums, it’s the starting point for many illnesses and conditions. The hardening tartar requires special tools to remove. Only your veteran who provides animal teeth cleaning in Chicago will be able to clean her teeth.

Bad Breath

When your dog has bad breath, then the dental disease has begun but isn’t too bad. It’s reached periodontal disease level when her doggy breath knocks you over. She’ll need to see her vet ASAP for animal teeth cleaning in Chicago.


When plaque gets under the gums, the gums become inflamed, bleed, and become infected. Her vet will take care of that, but if it’s left too long, then other illnesses will set in.

Immune Problems

When the immune system hears about the gingivitis, it sends white blood cells to combat the condition. However, the white blood cells damage the bone supporting the teeth. If it’s not caught, the dog’s body is chronically inflamed and ill.


One of the things tartar build-up does is affect the teeth down to the root. Periodontal disease often affects the inside of the tooth, so an abscessed root would be the logical next step. Get her to the vet ASAP. Contact Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic at www.portagepark.com to learn more about your dog’s dental problems and how they can be treated.

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