The First Warning Signs That Your Aging Parents Require Help at Home

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Assisted Living

Aging is an inevitable and complex issue to handle, for both seniors and their families. When age sneaks up on your parents, you become concerned about them. You are probably planning to visit your aging parents after some time of not seeing them. Like other adult children, your primary concern is how your aging parents are managing at home and if they require elderly care. During your next visit, watch out for signs that they need elderly care for their safety at home. Take time during your visit to note worrisome clues of trouble such as these, and take action by getting them qualified elderly care.

Increased Confusion and Forgetfulness

If you have noticed that one or both of your aging parents are repeating themselves often or are asking the same questions over and over during one conversation, then they are losing their memory. Be keen to note if any of your parents complain about getting lost going home from the supermarket. Similarly, if they don’t know how to operate some appliances anymore, then it’s time to hire elderly care in Columbia, SC, for assistance.

Unexplained Bruises

Your aging parents could be having trouble walking or remaining balanced. However, most seniors are afraid of admitting such challenges, so they struggle to walk around the house. Seniors who urgently require elderly care will fall more often than before. Therefore, if during your visit with your parents you notice bumps and bruises on their bodies, the time may be right to call in help.

Failure to Take Medications Correctly

A considerable percentage of American adults take more than five prescription medications. Studies also reveal that a significant number of emergencies are due to medication errors and overmedication. It may be overwhelming for aging people to keep track of medications. Elderly care in Columbia, SC, can help seniors keep track of all medications and supplements.

If you have noticed these signs among your parents, it may be time to consider requesting additional help. Contact or visit the website today for high-quality care for your aging loved one. Remember to be gentle when talking to them about the need for elderly care.

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