Weight Loss In Moore, OK – 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Losing weight is a rewarding and life-changing endeavor that is not without its specific challenges. The following are five common mistakes dieters make during Weight Loss In Moore, OK.

1. Exercising Too Much – Regular physical activity is a well-known and important factor for healthy and effective weight loss. However, too much exercise is actually bad for long-term weight loss efforts. Working out too intensely and too often quickly leads to burn out and injury, which makes it impossible to exercise consistently enough to lose weight.

2. Skipping Meals – Even though cutting calories is an important part of weight reduction, skipping meals in order to drop pounds is an unhealthy practice that usually backfires. Reducing calories dramatically causes you to taking in fewer vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients, and often leads to binge eating. Skipping meals frequently can also lower your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight.

3. Drinking Calories – Some of the most common sources of unnecessary calories are everyday beverages such as milk, fruit drinks and alcohol. Because beverages are primarily water based and not very filling, it is easy to consume several hundred calories in a short period. Substitute calorie laden drinks with calorie free options such as water and zero calorie drinks to lose excess weight faster.

4. Unrealistic Expectations – Just as weight gain does not happen overnight, it is not lost that quickly either. One of the biggest mistakes dieters make is trying to lose an unrealistic amount of weight in a very short time period. Extremely fast weight loss is both unhealthy and unsustainable for the average individual. Slow and steady weight loss is one of the keys to long-term weight management.

5. Overeating Diet Food – While diet foods have fewer calories and provide healthier options than non-diet foods they still cause weight gain when eaten in excess. Dieters often make the mistake of eating more than the recommended serving size of foods labeled fat-free or low calorie. Avoid over-eating diet foods and overeating in general for the best weight loss results.

These are a few of the most common mistakes made by dieters during Weight Loss In Moore, OK. To get the body you want, it is important to not only do the right things, but also avoid doing the wrong things. Escape these dieting pitfalls and quickly and easily reach your weight loss goals.


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