Top 3 Myths about visiting a Hospital in Bucks County

by | Nov 14, 2012 | Healthcare

If you are in need of medical attention, the first thing you should always consider is quickly getting to a Hospital in Bucks County in order to get treatment which can save your life. However, from time to time, some people actually will stop and think about which hospital they should visit based on myths they’ve been told about Hospitals in general and those in Bucks County specifically.

It seems strange that people would consider this when they are potentially suffering from a life-threatening ailment, however, it is a common concern for a lot of patients these days – especially with the way the media and insurance companies have spread most of these myths in recent years. So, in order to simplify this decision making process for you in the future, here are a few of the more common myths about visiting a Hospital in Bucks County.

Myth #1 – You can’t be admitted to a hospital in Bucks County if you can’t pay the bill – FALSE

This is not only false – but it is also highly illegal as well. According to federal and state laws, any Hospital that is capable of admitting a patient in case of medical emergency – period. This means, that if you are walking down the street, and you are hit by a car right next to a hospital, you don’t have to worry about driving across town to visit a public hospital if the emergency takes place. If you do not have insurance, each hospital has the right to help you apply for Government health care in order to help pay the bills, or allow you to transfer to a county-funded hospital for further treatment if needed.

Myth #2 – If you have a baby at a hospital in Bucks County it is likely that your baby might be switched at birth – FALSE

This one actually is a serious issue with many soon to be parents, but happens extremely rarely with today’s advanced medical procedures and record keeping. In the past, when multiple babies were born in a maternity ward of a hospital, it would occur from time to time that one baby would be taken for further health care after birth before being ‘tagged’ (for lack of a better word) with identification. And when this occurred with multiple babies who ‘looked similar’ the mistake might have happened in the past. However, with today’s security procedures in place, the baby is always properly identified to ensure this never occurs.

In fact, your chances of winning the Powerball lottery are better than having your baby switched at birth.

Myth #3 – if you have a surgery, it is likely you will head home with some of the equipment sewn in your body – FALSE

Some of these myths might sound funny, but in the past, this actually occurred from time to time. Several years ago, operating rooms were used for multiple procedures and different surgeries and from time to time, the doctors who performed the surgery were not the ones who would close wounds. As a result, sometimes this would occur. However, with today’s procedure specific rooms, and technology used today, in combination with better common sense procedures in surgery, this does not happen.

As you can see, if you visit a hospital in Bucks County or any other city, the likelihood of any of these old myths occurring is slim to none – so you can feel safe about your next hospital visit.


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