Different Types of Therapy in Chicago

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Healthcare

If you have ever considered a need to go to therapy or even a need to take your child or another family to a therapy session, you may have preconceived notions of what that involves. However, therapy in Chicago can often be much different than you picture. Therefore, if you worry the traditional type of therapy won’t work for your situation, it can be important to know what types of therapy are available that may better fit your needs.

Play Therapy

Children and some disabled adults do much better in therapy when play is incorporated into their treatment plan. Because these patients easily use play to express themselves more accurately than using words, this type of therapy can be extremely useful to counselors in determining what is going on in their minds. When a patient is unable to verbally express themselves, this therapy is often one of the first ones to attempt.

Art Therapy

Another great type of therapy in Chicago for those who can’t easily express themselves verbally, whether due to a lack of skills or due to discomfort, is art therapy. Most people have heard of therapists asking a child to draw a picture of their family or something else of significance and using that picture to come to a conclusion. These therapists are trained to look for certain details, many of which are created subconsciously, to determine how the patient feels about something.

Typical Therapy

In addition to the use of play and art therapy, many therapists will attempt some typical therapy methods as part of the treatment plan. This will allow patients to verbally express anything they desire. When this type of therapy is combined with special types of therapy, it can be extremely effective in helping the patient get to a better place in his life. For those patients who are able to communicate effectively, the use of talking therapy sessions is important.

There are many types of therapy in Chicago that can all be effective at helping patients come to terms with difficult things going on in their lives. This is why many therapist offices provided a variety of therapies so they can choose the one that fits each individual patient. However, that doesn’t mean they have to stick solely to one type of therapy. Instead, they can create a custom plan that uses any combination of therapy types to most effectively treat each patient. This greatly increases the odds of success for every patient.

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