Three Main Options That Are Similar To Adderall

Most people have heard of the drug and its various off-label uses and want to find options that are similar to Adderall that can be purchased without a prescription. There are two main options available and one that is completely free. These can help you reap the benefits of the drug without the complications and risks associated with it.

Lifestyle Changes

If you have a real need for the medication because you have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), then you may think you have no other options. Most adults and parents of children with the disorder find the risks to be alarming and worrisome, but there is hope. There are many other alternatives to help them, but in many cases, lifestyle changes are all that is necessary.

Because it is a behavioral disorder, many times, social skills training or psychotherapy can help. Other options can include parenting skill training, support groups and behavior therapy. These can all contribute to reducing the stresses your child or yourself deal with every day. Because the condition can affect the family as a whole, everyone may need counseling to learn how to handle the situation efficiently.

Stimulants and Supplements

For those who want the drug for its cognitive abilities or because they just don’t like the risks involved with the traditional medicine, you may be able to use supplements or stimulants. Because it is a stimulant itself, other stimulants can be effective though they may also be controlled substances and require that you have a prescription. They may also have their risks. These can include Desoxyn, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Dexedrine and more.

If that isn’t what you wanted or want to get it over the counter, you may also be able to find supplements that can help improve focus, provide energy and overall help with ADHD symptoms.

Non-Stimulant Medicines

Non-stimulant medications can also be used to treat ADHD symptoms and do not contain amphetamines or other stimulants. Therefore, they are not controlled substances, and while a prescription is still necessary, it can be faxed or phoned in and you can get refills on the script without having to go to the doctor each time.

There are two primary types of this medication called Strattera and Intuniv, and each one has its effectiveness. For example, Intuniv is only approved for use in children.

If you require something that is similar to Adderall without all the added risks and legal problems, you may want to visit Addrena today to find out what product they offer and how it works.

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