Are you Ready to Detox and Slim Down Instantly?

by | May 29, 2015 | Healthcare

Everyone knows that eating healthy and working out can help create a toned body. But what if you are new to the healthier lifestyle, or just need a quick boost after a weekend of eating all the wrong things? One of the hottest ways to detox your body on the cellular level and quickly lose some excess weight is with body wraps in New Bern NC. These soothing and comfortable treatments can be for moisturizing your skin, removing toxins from your body, or slimming down your belly and hips. Depending on your personal need, you are sure to find a wrap that will work best for you!

The Various Types of Wraps Available

Many spas around the country have taken advantage of the rising demand for herbal treatments and have embraced the body wrap idea. In fact, depending on where you go, there are a large variety of body masks you could have slathered on your body depending on what goal you had.

* Algae and seaweed is common for detoxification and a cleansing of the body from the inside out. The own downside, however, is that anyone who is allergic to seaweed or iodine should avoid this treatment.

* Clay. There are numerous types of clay a spa may use, and it may also be infused with natural aromatherapy oils. This commonly serves as a way to reduce cellulite and remove excess water from the body.

* Paraffin. This wax is commonly seen when you dip your hands or feet into it, but it can also be used as a full body cover. The heat from the wax can sooth aching muscles and help those who suffer from arthritis, and the wax itself can provide miniaturization to dry skin.

To find the right body wraps in New Bern NC, you would have to travel to the Solantis Light Spa. Here you can find a variety of non-invasive treatments for your body and spirit which cater to your healthy lifestyle goals.

Feeling Better from the Inside Out

If you are new to spas and the treatments they offer, you may have some doubts as to the effectiveness of them. The best advice is to try a treatment or two at Business Name before you form an opinion. You may soon find that you instantly feel slimmer, cleaner, healthier, or have softer skin the moment you walk out of their facility. In fact, you’ll be noticing the same great feeling the next day as well!

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