The True Health Benefits of Purple Corn Supplements


Purple corn supplements are made using an extract that is gotten from purple corn extract. This extract is from a plant of the same species with regular corn. The only difference is that the purple corn contains certain natural plants dyes that are biologically active. There are many health benefits that have been linked to the use of these supplements.

What is the active ingredient in the supplements?

The main active ingredient in these supplements is anthocyanins. These are antioxidants that are believed to have very many potential health benefits. Purple corn has been used in food preparation and coloring for many centuries by Native South Americans.

What are the benefits of the supplement?

Currently, scientists are still conducting lab tests to establish the full extent of benefits that can be gotten from purple corn extract. However, below is a list of health conditions that are believed to be improved by the use of purple corn.

Cancer : Purple corn is believed to be very rich in flavonoids and anthocyanins. A study was conducted about the cancer fighting abilities of anthocyanins. The study showed that taking the supplement reduced in vitro growth of cancer by up to 50 percent. Also, the anthocyanins from purple corn killed about 20 percent of cancer cells while leaving the healthy tissue around completely unharmed. This means that if you want to keep cancer away, you should start thinking about taking the supplement. Flavonoids are known to have great anti-aging qualities.

Obesity : Purple corn extract from Youthh2O has also been proven to have a positive effect in the control of obesity. Purple corn anthocyanin C3G has been proven to be very effective in the control of excessive weight gain. Also, the supplement is very effective in fighting off diabetes.

As you can see, Purple Corn Supplements have lots of health benefits. All these benefits are related to diseases that start affecting the body as it starts aging. This means that the youthH2O extract has the best anti-aging properties. This supplement is worth consideration as an addition to your diet whether you are suffering from any of the stated health complications or not. Go to for additional information on the supplement.


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