There Are Many Ways To Quit Smoking – But, Which One Will Work For You?

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Health

The tobacco business is certainly big business and it also provides governments with big incomes from taxes and duties on just about all forms of tobacco. Various authorities around the world claim to be working towards a totally non-smoking population but none have yet made the selling of tobacco products illegal. They have tried to scare us away with horribly graphic photographs on cigarette packets, they have limited our freedom to choose when and where we can light up and smoke and they keep applying extra taxes to make the habit more expensive to maintain.

Maybe less people actually start to smoke these days but there are still substantial numbers of smokers around the world; even though it has been made more difficult for those that do smoke to go into a shop and purchase tobacco products.

This has led to a proliferation of online websites selling tobacco in all its forms for delivery right into our homes. However, there is an interesting online development in that I have noticed a growing number of commercial enterprises selling a variety of different Ways To Quit Smoking.

Maybe my take on this could be considered too radical but, if government were to use some of its tobacco income to provide smokers with free Ways To Quit Smoking, then, maybe more of us would be able to kick our smoking habits? Unfortunately, as a smoker, I cannot see that happening.

Deep down, I do wish to quit but I recognise a lack of real motivation to succeed. I have tried to sort my own way through the commercially available Ways To Quit Smoking in the hope that I would find one that actually works for me. So far, my efforts have failed to produce any long term results.

Is there something wrong with the currently available commercial Ways To Stop Smoking or is it that I am just too weak willed to allow them to succeed for me? I hope that I am not that weak willed but, I suspect that I have yet to find the real motivation to make me determined to stop smoking. Without such motivation, those aids to quitting smoking are a lot less likely to succeed.

What I am looking for is someone offering the motivation to stop smoking. I guess that this might have to be on an individual basis so that my motivator can look into the real reasons why I have this smoking habit and why so many Ways To Quit Smoking have failed to work for me. This knowledge can then be used to design a program just for me that will lead me into my new smoke free life.

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