The best way to groom your dog

Dog grooming in Ft. Meade, along with chasing balls around the yard or going for long walks is all ways that you can bond with your dog.

Dogs feel good after they have been groomed, once they are bathed and spruced up, they seem to prance around sending out the message, “look at me.”
The time to start a regular routine of dog grooming in Ft. Meade is when the animal is still a puppy. It is not hard to get them used to having their nails trimmed and teeth cleaned; however, even if you have an “adopt-a-dog, “even this guy can be taught to enjoy a grooming session. All dogs, young or old like to be talked to in a low, soothing voice and being rewarded with a treat. When starting to get your dog accustomed to being groomed, make the sessions short with lots of time for praise, and the odd treat or two.

If you have any concerns about grooming your own pet, don’t be afraid to talk to your vet. Take your dog in and have his nails cut, ears cleaned and teeth cleaned by the vet, observe and ask questions.

Nail trimming:
Let the dog become accustomed to having his toes splayed and his nails touched. If the dog starts getting very nervous, back off for a few minutes and go back at it. You may have a dog that really dislikes the procedure, and you may only get one nail cut every day, but eventually they will all get done.

Most dogs enjoy water and bathing them regularly will keep the dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Work the shampoo into the fur, starting at the head and working your way back to the tail. Use gentle strokes, make it more of a massaging action, your dog will love it. Bathing the dog is an ideal time for them to realize their importance, and they will give you love and trust in return.

Ear cleaning:
At the same frequency that they are bathed, once a week, their ears should be cleaned as well. During the actual bathing, it is a good idea to put a ball of cotton wool into each ear to stop the ingress of water and soap. When the bath is done and the dog is dry, swaddle him in his blanket, which reduces the struggle and stress. Remove any wax or dirt from the ear with a cotton swab with a touch of mineral oil on it.

Teeth cleaning:
An essential part of dog grooming in Ft. Meade is tooth brushing. Clean teeth are actually more important than nail clipping or bathing. Use toothpaste which is formulated for dogs as they swallow it, fluoride is not a good thing to ingest.

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