Tennis Elbow – Not Only Seen in Athletes!

While you may have heard the term “tennis elbow” tossed around to describe the pain athletes experience after years of playing the popular sport, you may not know that it is also a common condition for those who do not play sports to suffer from. Read on to find out more about the signs and symptoms of this common source of pain – and what you can do about it.

What Exactly is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is nothing more than the result of an overuse of the elbow joint. Named because of the frequency with which tennis players suffer from this condition, it is primarily caused by injury or breakdown of the tendons around the joint, causing discomfort and a lack of mobility in the arm. While this can be devastating to the career of a professional tennis player, it’s also rather uncomfortable and inconvenient for the rest of us. If you have this condition, you undoubtedly know how difficult even the simplest of everyday tasks can be when you are dealing with this pain.

Treating Tennis Elbow

Depending on the severity of your case, tennis elbow treatment can be as simple as using the joint less or as complex as surgical intervention. However, there are many specialists in the treatment of this and other repetitive motion injuries that can assist their patients in living more active, less painful lives without ever having to put them under the knife. New techniques – injections, topical treatments, dietary and lifestyle changes and more – can be sued together to create a well-rounded, holistic regimen of joint care and pain-prevention to give sufferers back their mobility and their lives.

If you’re looking for tennis elbow treatment in Aspen, CO, consider yourself lucky; the area plays host to many excellent pain management and regenerative medicine practices, providing ample opportunity for you to find the help you need in overcoming this uncomfortable condition. Looking for more information? Ask your primary care physician, and find out whether you, too might be suffering from tennis elbow – and how to get back in the game!

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