3 Ways Regenerative Cell Therapy Can Help You

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Health

In the world of medicine, regenerative cell therapy is trending, largely because of its wide variety of applications for various medical concerns. Mason, OH experts in regenerative cell therapy can apply this incredible medical technology to a number of their treatments—from arthritis to transplant medicine, stem cells and other regenerative cell therapies offer solutions that, in the past, seemed impossible. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you might find that these therapies can benefit you, too!

  1. Common sports injuries such as tears of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee and meniscus tears (also in the knee) can be treated with stem cell therapies. The use of these regenerative cells allows the body to heal its ligaments more quickly, allowing for a seamless recovery and even recovery of full athletic ability.
  2. Roughly half a million Americans benefit from an organ transplant every year. In a time where more than one-fifth of that number is on a wait list for a suitable organ, regenerative cell therapy practiced by local doctors in Mason, OH can be used for big, big things. For example, engineered tissue has been used for skin grafts, and cardiovascular grafts aren’t far behind thanks to current research.
  3. Arthritis is a degenerative disease of the bone that is incredibly common amongst the American population, especially older individuals. Luckily, stem cell therapy hasn’t disappointed yet. In fact, it has been shown to have incredible effectiveness when applied to arthritic knees.

Aside from these treatments, there are even more applications for this kind of regenerative therapy in the future. According to Mayo Clinic, research is being performed to test the efficacy of stem cell therapy as a treatment for diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and many other conditions.

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