Specialists in Hair Growth in Dallas Treat Various Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is often heredity, however, it can be caused by other factors. It can affect both men and women, and may be temporary or permanent. Before a specialist in hair growth in Dallas can treat your hair loss problem, he or she needs to determine the cause. Here are some common causes of hair loss to talk to your physician about.

Prescription Medications

If you take medications to lower your blood pressure or manage a cardiac arrhythmia, you may experience hair loss. Medications that can lead to hair loss include beta blockers, diuretics, corticosteroids, and medications used to manage high cholesterol.

Other medications that may lead to hair shedding include anticoagulants, anti-seizure medications, and medications used to treat gout. When you stop taking the offending medication, your hair may grow back, however, it may take weeks or months before medication-related hair loss completely stops.


Hair loss in menopausal women is not uncommon. It is typically the result of declining estrogen levels, and in addition to hair loss, low estrogen levels can also cause an itchy scalp, dandruff, and thinner skin. Hormone replacement therapy can help stop menopause-associated hair loss, however, it may not be appropriate for everyone.

Women who have a personal or family history of breast or uterine cancer may not be appropriate candidates for hormone replacement therapy because these cancers may be fueled by estrogen. A physician specializing in hair growth in Dallas will take a detailed medical history and examine your scalp before suggesting a treatment plan.

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