Signs You Might Need Marriage Counseling in Hutchinson KS

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Health

Marriage is definitely a challenging journey. Actually, Marriage Counseling in Hutchinson KS should be something you need to sign up for once you tie the knot. Like that brand new set of dishes that eventually gets scratched due to regular use, relationships will also show signs of wear and tear in a couple of years. Below are few tips that will help you know when your marriage hits a rough patch thus requiring professional help.

Poor communication
According to specialists, many couples seek professional help when they are not in a position to talk over their problems. When it becomes frightening to bring issues up; from annoying little habits that get blown out of proportion, money to sex, the therapist’s work is to help such a couple to become clear about issues and aid them into understanding what they are really talking about.

When sex life changes drastically
For many, loss of intimacy is a sign of problems. While true, it is prudent for one to be watchful when there is a sudden increase. Sudden increase or absence of sex in a relationship is a sign of danger.

Holding on to the past
Professional therapists suggest that it is a good idea for couples to talk to a professional when they have to deal with a traumatic event in their lives, like an affair or loss of a child. When one partner cannot let go, it is crucial to understand that different people process trauma differently.

Recurring issues
A red flag that can be greatly aided by therapy is an issue that keeps on re-occurring in a relationship from the very beginning. When the same problems keep on featuring repeatedly in disagreements, this is a sign that the issue at hand has not been effectively resolved, and the couple is hanging on to the sticking point. Seeking help for such issues can help save many years of trouble down the road.

Other issues likely to be a thorn in a marriage include finances and kids. Marriage Counseling in Hutchinson KS by Adult Child & Family Counseling is a means of helping couples understand what is going on and communicate better.

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