Enjoy the Benefits That Massage Therapy in NYC Can Offer

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Chiropractic

When it comes to massage therapy in NYC, there are many clinics and practitioners to choose from. Some of these clinics offer traditional massage therapy care, but others seek to provide enhanced treatments by integrating massage therapy with chiropractic care. The word massage has its roots in the ancient Greek and Arabic language. It means touching or kneading in its various forms. While the practice has actually been around for centuries, it has only been popular as an alternative health option for the last 2 or 3 decades.

Why Massage Therapy Has Become Popular

The key reason for this popularity is the increasing awareness and demand for alternative therapies which can heal without side-effects. The similarity between massage therapy and chiropractic care makes it easy to integrate the two, so that patients get an ultimate level of care. Both focus on aligning the key body systems to create a feeling of overall wellbeing in the body. Chiropractic treatment works through spinal manipulations and neuromusculoskeletal adjustments to treat numerous types of ailments. Through hands-on, non-invasive approaches, it focuses on healing to treat the root of the problem. Focused massage therapy NYC clinics offer the same benefits, integrating the power of chiropractic treatments with massage therapy.

A Quick Look at the Key Benefits

* Stress relief which in turn leads to better breathing, a lower heart rate, and improved cortisol and insulin levels
* A strengthened immune system and lower toxicity levels in the body
* Improve or correct poor posture which reinforces healthy and natural movements
* Improved circulation and body function
* Better blood pressure control which prevents other chronic ailments
* Better muscle relaxation which means a lesser risk of pain, injury and atrophy,
* Improved joint flexibility
* Eases pain and pressure, reducing the chance and frequency of headaches
* Enhances post-operative and post-injury rehabilitation by helping the body get nutrients into tissues and vital organs, thereby accelerating the recovery process

New age chiropractors have been quick to give patients the benefits of massage therapy by integrating the same in their treatments. While a massage can rejuvenate and relax a person, a therapeutic massage that is given by trained chiropractors can prevent the chronic pain or fatigue from recurring. True to their discipline, they focus on the underlying cause of the pain and treat it using the best techniques available. Living Well Balanced can provide the exceptional level of care that you need and deserve. Contact them today to learn more or follow them on Facebook.

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