Should You Seek Animal Medical Care?

by | May 24, 2017 | Animal Hospitals

Unfortunately, animals can’t speak; at least they can’t speak a language that we understand. As such, it is up to the pet owner to maintain an awareness of his or her pet’s health. Even this can be difficult as animals do not necessarily show distress as we do. Knowing this, when is Chicago animal medical care needed? When is the situation an emergency and when is it OK to wait?

When to wait:

If your pet begins to act strangely this is an indication that you should keep a sharp eye on it. Pay attention and if you are not comfortable, call your vet for advice.
Dogs and cats can feel “punk” the same as humans, if you sense this it can be beneficial to wait and observe. Your pet will feel tired and achy or show no interest in eating but if, a couple of days later it has not improved; then Chicago animal medical care is called for.

When not to wait:

There are certain signs that indicate that urgent treatment is required, among them are:

Attempting to vomit but with no success
  *  Difficulty in urinating
  *  Difficulty with breathing
  *  Evidence of blood in the stool or urine
  *  Disorientation and unresponsive to commands
  *  Trauma

These are examples of when an animal is genuinely ill and needs immediate attention.

There are problems that can be considered urgent but are not really emergency situations. In situations such as your pet not eating for a day or more or it is quieter than usual and does not want to participate in any activities just wait a few hours to see what happens. If there is no marked improvement, then it is time to seek medical attention.

There are really no two pets alike, you know your pet better than anyone, use your discretion but always remember, it is better to seek Chicago animal medical care and find out all is well than to wish you did.

If you are looking for the best Chicago animal medical care for your pet you will be very happy that you have decided to put your trust in Metropolitan Veterinary Center.

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