Potential Benefits Of Having Rhinoplasty In Chicago

Most people have never considered rhinoplasty in Chicago because they’ve never had any trouble breathing. However, it can also be used for various reasons, to be more aesthetically pleasing to your appearance. A nose job can be helpful for many reasons, but it’s important to consider all the advantages and drawbacks.


You’ve probably noticed some TV celebrities that have enormous noses, and while they could make it work for them, sometimes they can be more distracting than necessary. Those stars that have big noses make it work for them and wouldn’t dream of changing it, but if you’re not planning to go into show-business, you may want more of a balance between the face and the nose.


In some cases, you have restricted airflow and breathing because of your nose. While this may not pose problems now, it could in the future. You could develop sleep apnea, where you stop breathing at night or may find that it gets harder to breathe as you get older or do more exercise. However, this problem usually requires more than a nose job, and can include nasal surgery and septoplasty.


If you get made fun of because of your nose, you may find you have problems with self-confidence and your self-image. While you shouldn’t pay any attention to what others think, it can be difficult to impossible. If you are worried about losing promotions or about health problems, you may be a good candidate for this procedure.

Thicker Skin

If you have been cursed with thicker nasal skin that others, the surgery may not be as visible as in others. This can be especially true if you want a more refined or defined nose tip. While Tip-plasty can sculpt your nose tip cartilage, it may not be as noticeable if you have overlying thick skin.


There are limits as to what can be done during rhinoplasty in Chicago. For example, the nose’s shape can only be manipulated to varying degrees through reshaping the cartilage and bone. Because each person is different, each person has specific limitations as to what can be done and how it will be noticed.


While you may think a celebrity’s nose looks perfect, it may not fit with your face and structure. Instead of being focused on a person’s nose, find something that will complement the rest of your face.

Rhinoplasty in Chicago can offer many benefits and drawbacks, depending on who you are and your reasons for wanting a nose job. Visit Chicagoland Aesthetics today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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