Myths About Teen Depression

Adolescents who suffer from depression can benefit from teenagers’ therapy in Minneapolis. However, many teens do not get the help that they need because parents have inaccurate information about depression. There are a number of myths about teen depression that need to be debunked.

Myth: Teen Depression is the Same as Being Moody

Fact: One of the reasons that depression is often overlooked in teens is because their parents think that they are just being moody. However, if a teen is just being moody, then the feelings of sadness will pass quickly. Depression is long-term, and it can interfere with a teen’s ability to complete their normal activities.

Myth: Depression is the Same in Teens as it is in Adults

Fact: Teen depression may manifest itself differently. Adults who have depression have a tendency to be blue and have feelings of hopelessness. However, teens who have depression may be defiant and irritable. Some teens do not show any emotions at all.

Myth: Depressed Teens are Loners

Fact: Teens who have depression may isolate themselves from other people. However, every depressed teen is not a loner. In fact, there are some depressed teens who are social magnets and have a lot of friends.

Myth: Depression Isn’t Genetic

Fact: Depression has a tendency to run in families. If a parent has depression, then a teen is also more likely to have depression. Studies have also shown that when a parent gets help for depression, then the teen also gets better.

Myth: Depressed Teens Need to be Punished

Fact: Teens should have to accept responsibility for their behavior. However, punishing a teen does not help their depression. In fact, punishment can make a teen’s depression worse.

If your child needs teenagers’ therapy in Minneapolis, then you will need to contact Options Family & Behavior Services.

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