Multiple Benefits to Dog Daycare in Marysville

Keeping a dog, or dogs, in the house all day, or in a crate is not ideal. The dog gets no exercise and no interaction. That means when the dog is let out, it is hyper, prone to jumping on people, or aggressive. The situation is not healthy for the dog or the owner.

Chained up in the yard can be dangerous for a dog. It can get injured, be cornered by stray dogs or wildlife, or stolen. Passers-by may yell at the dog to stop barking, or be violent. A dog house and a fenced yard provides more freedom, but can still put the dog at risk.


People in major cities can hire a dog walker. That person arrives at a few intervals during the day and takes the dog for a walk. There are a few potential issues with this arrangement. The first is that the dog walker will need a key to the apartment. Unless this person is someone who is known and trusted, it is possible to arrive home one day with no furniture, no personal items, and no dog.

Another issue is that most walkers walk several dogs at one time. The dog gets to socialize with other dogs but does not receive any one-on-one interactions or attention. Walking many animals at once through busy city streets can result in injury, the loss of a dog, or the dog being hit by traffic.

Excellent Care

The best alternative is Dog Daycare in Marysville. The animal is in the care of experienced staff who will plan activities for the dogs, ensure they have plenty of water and food, and provide individual attention to each dog. The dog gets to burn off energy, so it is calmer in the evening when it goes home. Family and dog can wind down and relax at home.

Dog Daycare in Marysville is also ideal for dogs that require medication during the day. Doses are given on time and as directed for optimum health. When a business trip is necessary, or the family is going on vacation, the dog can board in a place with which it is familiar and comfortable. Many facilities, such as Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc, that offer both daycare and boarding also have groomers to provide full services if desired.

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