MRI Medical Imaging in Minneapolis, MN

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Health

People need an MRI for many reasons. This medical procedure is designed to help doctors gain a deeper look into what is causing your body pain. The Medical imaging in Minneapolis, MN uses positional MRI. This is an imaging system that can scan your body in many different positions. This is the latest technology in receiving better scan results. With this system, you can sit, stand and lean as well as other positions. You can even hold your child while being scanned. Many patients come in for MRI’s to help determine the point of their pain. With this type of medical procedure, doctors discover patient injuries more often than with the traditional lying down MRI method.

Your doctor normally will request an MRI be performed based on your symptoms and the doctor’s observation. Since MRI’s are typically performed at a different location than your doctor’s office, it is up to you as the patient to request where you would like your MRI performed. Some doctors have existing relationships with imaging companies and may not know about SUMA-MRI centers, which offer positional MRI. The certified techs and doctors are available to answer any questions your doctor may have and welcome any questions they may have. In todays’ world, patients are taking a more active role in their health care. It is your right to take advantage of this latest imaging; this is one way you can help in getting your health under control. Medical imaging technology in Minneapolis MN offers this new MRI breakthrough in imaging where there are only 100 open multi-positional MRI scanners in the world.

This imaging system is truly a scientific advancement in discovering patient pain and injury. With this system, you are scanned in the position where you feel pain, so the system and your doctor see what is causing it. This is a drug free procedure in a machine that is large and does not have the typical claustrophobic side-effect. Restrictions are minimal; you can even watch TV or hold your child while imaging is being performed. The system can hold patients up to 500 lbs. If you need an MRI, make your appointment today. They have helped many patients find the source of their pain to receive proper treatment. You owe it to your health and yourself.

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