Massage Treats Depression, Insomnia and Chronic Pain

Massage therapy techniques have become an extremely vital part of care for those who experience chronic pain and related conditions. As a natural and effective treatment, the power of massage therapy has been shown in studies to reduce the need for pain medications and other prescription medicines. When performed by licensed therapists who are skilled at the various methods of muscle and tissue manipulations, massage has been proven to dramatically improve the quality of life for people who suffer chronic pain.

Good Brain Chemical Stimulation

Muscle manipulation and friction from massage techniques stimulates the central nervous system into producing waves of endorphins. These natural pain-killers are thousands of times stronger than morphine and work to reduce pain for hours after a Massage Dayton. People with chronic pain have reported a substantial decrease in the need for prescription pain medications and anti-inflammatory medicines. Massage can markedly decrease the undesirable side-effects of these medications and reduce the chance of drug dependence.

Chronic Pain and Related Depression

People in chronic pain often suffer from depression due to the continuous stress on the body. Back pain, for example, affects every aspect of a person’s life. Unable to enjoy their previous lifestyle before the pain began, many people feel a loss and experience depression. Massage therapy techniques also create endorphins to boost the mood and increase energy. In combination of reduced pain and more natural “feel good” brain chemicals, the person reports an elevation in mood, a deeper restful sleep and a decrease in depression.

Pain Spasms and Trapped Toxins

When areas of the body or joints are mobility impaired, spasms of pain develop and trap the body’s waste products in muscle, tendons and soft tissue. Massage Dayton techniques release these spasms, increase the body’s circulation and push the toxins towards the kidneys for elimination. This removal of toxins helps the body to restore balance and begin healing. Massage has been shown to stimulate the nervous system of a body area in the same manner as walking or weight bearing. These techniques are highly valuable to restore the natural healing processes to impaired areas of spasm and pain.

Massage Therapy Improves Mood and Reduces Pain

It is important that massage is performed by a reputable therapist that is skilled in the techniques and practices that are indicated for chronic pain. Ensure that your massage is performed by a knowledgeable practitioner that is supervised by a chiropractor or physician.



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