Top Six Spa Treatments

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Salons and Spas

If you enjoy trips to the spa, you are certainly not alone. Going to the spa can be an adventure in relaxation and there are many different treatments from which to choose. The next time you visit your local spa, consider one or many of these six treatments, which are considered the best options in the country.

1. Massages
Most spas offer a variety of massages including deep tissues massages, hot stone massages and many others. If you know how deep or light you like your massage, make sure you tell your masseuse about your preferences. Otherwise, relax and enjoy the many benefits a massage can bring to your body including increased circulation, relaxation and much more.

2. Facials
Just like massages, there are many different types of facials, but most will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. You might even have a brighter and younger appearance. Any facial will thoroughly clean your skin and help to restore your complexion. Keeping your skin looking nice over the years will be dependent on your home maintenance and the facials you receive as you age.

3. Aromatherapy
You may not understand what different scents can do for your relaxation until you experience this treatment at your local spa. Ask for the different options and prices and then decide in which direction you should go.

4. Manicures
The next time you have a wedding or another special event to attend, get your hands in shape with a manicure. Not only can the manicure help you pull off that special outfit, but it can also help you feel better about your overall appearance. A lot of times, if you get a good manicure at your local spa, it will last quite a long time. You may be able to maintain the look at home between sessions as well.

5. Pedicures
When the summer months roll around once again, you might want a pedicure so you feel comfortable showing off your toes in your sandals and other open toed shoes. Some people enjoy this treatment all year long at the spa in order to help them relax and maintain the appearance and feel of their feet.

6. Waxing
While this treatment may not always be relaxing, it can certainly enhance your appearance in many different areas. It might be wise to choose this treatment along with others such as a massage. You can get the waxing over with first and then move on to the massage so you can relax at the end of your session at the spa.

Each spa has a variety of treatments and they often vary in price. Visit your local spa online or in person and take a look at the treatment list and prices. You might even want to request a gift card for your next birthday so you can pick and choose the services you will receive as a special treat.

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