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by | Jul 19, 2013 | Dentist

For those who would prefer to remove the frown lines between the eyes that give the appearance of anger or indecision, a simple injection can restore the smoothness of youthful skin and a look of a person at ease. Botox In St. Charles has been used in a safe manner for years and the results speak for themselves as millions of people have used this remarkable cosmetic technique.

Botox is Safe

Although Botox was approved in 2002 for cosmetic applications, it has been used since 1989 for delicate eye procedures. Safe and effective, Botox is a quick and easy way to erase years off of your face, restore confidence and boost self-esteem. After an injection with a tiny needle, the muscles relax and refrain from causing the furrow of wrinkles. Although it is a temporary fix, it may stop the muscle from forming more crevices and slow down the appearance of aging. Your Botox St. Charles IL will usually last from six months to a year after treatment.

The Procedure

Typically, your physician will design a plan of care and listen to your wishes and concerns. He will take your medical history and ensure that you do not have a possible allergy to Botox. With a trained eye, he will identify and isolate the area of treatment, usually between the eyes and below the forehead. The use of a highly fine needle is then introduced into the muscle that creates frown lines. The length of the muscle is treated to ensure the nerve that innervates the frowning lines are effectively calmed and paralyzed.

In the first two or three hours after the injection of Botox St. Charles IL, protect your face and do not rub, touch or apply pressure to the treated area. There may be slight swelling and a minimal amount of redness at the injection site. Pain management is not needed for mild discomfort and there is no required recovery time.

The Younger and Rejuvenated You

Most people see dramatic results in about three or four days after treatment. The muscles that create frown lines appear to be harmlessly frozen in time and you look younger, rested and relaxed. Ensure that your physician gives you a follow up appointment to make sure you have received the benefits you expected.

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