Cosmetic Fillers: Talk With Your Skin Doctor in Minneapolis MN

by | Jul 20, 2013 | Dermatology, Health

For those who wish to restore the youthfulness of unwrinkled skin, dermal fillers are a popular and safe way to plump the dermis and reduce the look of facial skin folds and deep furrows. Although most fillers promise to last between six months to two years, a skilled Skin Doctor Minneapolis MN can apply professional techniques for even longer lasting results.

As the face ages, the connective tissue around the mouth and nose give way to gravity and begin to crease and wrinkle. A loss of facial fat can also deepen these labial folds around the nose and corners of the mouth to create a sagging effect of the skin. Cosmetic Fillers are designed to be injected into these problem areas and restore the youthful overall smoothness of the face.

What are Filler Injections?

These amazing cosmetic products can produce similar effects to a face-lift and are considerably more affordable. Made of rigid but pliable substances, the fillers are injected under the dermis layer of the skin and will not move from the area that they are placed. A talented Skin Doctor Minneapolis MN can use fillers in all the areas of the face that have wrinkled, furrowed or are an area of your concern.

Advantages of Dermal Fillers

Unlike face-lifts or other invasive procedures, dermal fillers can be applied during your lunch break. There is no need for recovery or downtime. Mild swelling at the injection site and redness does not require special pain management and you can return to your normal activities. Most post-injection instructions from your Skin Doctor Minneapolis MN include not touching your face or applying any pressure over the affected areas for several hours.

In addition, these injections may be reversed with other materials if you do not like the result. You do not have to wait for the dermal filler to fade or dissipate if you are not happy with your appearance. Fortunately, there are many types of filler to choose from.

Over time, the body may reabsorb some of the material and the filler may need to be replaced. However, some of these fillers contain properties that allow them to last for years. Your Skin Doctor Minneapolis MN will discuss the advantages and applications of several different popular cosmetic fillers that are best for you.

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