Key Ingredients In A 24 Hour Fat Burn Solution

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Healthcare

One of the biggest challenges in losing weight is to be able to increase the duration of fat burning in the body. In a typical 24 hour period an individual will be in fat burning mode for a greater or longer time, depending on your body and activity levels.

If you are working out, your body will burn fat during the workout period, particularly in aerobic exercises, but anaerobic activities, such as weightlifting and strength training boost the caloric use of the body on a permanent basis since more lean muscle mass requires more energy on an ongoing basis.

However, for a true 24 hour fat burn solution, the body needs to have non-stimulant fat burning support. This will continue to boost the metabolic system and rev up fat burning even when you are sleeping, something that is not possible to the same degree without supplementation.

Stacks are the Answer

Stacks, or the use of several supplements to create the 24 hour fat burn solution are an important consideration, particularly once you reach the level where exercise and diet alone is not producing the results desired.

For most athletes and weightlifters those extra few pounds can be virtually impossible to drop without supplements. With stacks or combinations of top quality supplements, it is possible to extend fat burning ability in the day and continue on even as you sleep. During sleep not only will these supplements contribute to ridding the body of fat, but they will also enhance the body’s ability to rebuild, regenerate and leave you with more energy, both physically and mentally, for your workout and activities the next day.

Natural Stimulant and Non-Stimulant Ingredients

During the day, natural stimulant ingredients are essential to boost fat burning, provide energy, and to help you to stay alert, focused and positive throughout even the most grueling workout.

At night, however, the 24 hour fat burn solution has to be designed to trigger fat burning without the mental and physical stimulation that promote alertness, energy and focus.

Finding stacks that combine this can be a challenge, as most are designed only for the pre, during and post-workout energy and fat burning boost. Instead, the nighttime fat burning component in the supplement needs to be paired with ingredients that lower stress, promote a deep sleep and assist in getting to sleep faster, even with your busy life.

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