How to Know When to See a Gastrointestinal Doctor for Digestive Problems

The digestive system plays an important role in breaking down the food and drinks people consumers into the nutrients the body absorbs. These nutrients are used for cell repair to heal the body and to create the energy needed for a person to move. Plus, the nutrients help the body grow as the individual ages. If someone suffers from a gastral problem, it can result in serious health issues that leave the individual uncomfortable and disrupts their life if left untreated. That is why if you show the signs of problems with your GI tract, you should consult a gastrointestinal doctor in Far Rockaway Centre. Signs It is Time to See a Specialist
  • Severe stomach pain and bloating.
  • Frequent nausea and vomiting, especially after eating.
  • You experience rectal bleeding when you go to the bathroom.
  • If your primary physician has diagnosed you with IBS or other digestive problems.
  • You regularly experience GERD or severe heartburn.
  • Excessive flatulence a day that produces a foul odor.
  • You experience a change in your bowel movements, and they seem abnormal.
  • You notice a lump in your throat that prevents you from swallowing food correctly.
Feel Better Faster with Comprehensive Care A gastrointestinal doctor in Far Rockaway Centre specializes in diagnosing and treating various gastric problems. If you have been diagnosed with a GI problem by your primary physician or you are showing the signs of a digestive problem. You should consult a specialist immediately to learn how they can help treat your problem. At Delmont Medical Care, they offer a team of doctors that are ready to ensure your health. Whether you require primary care or specialized treatment, they can assist you in accomplishing your goal of remaining healthy with their certified medical team.

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