How To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Many parents have a lot of questions about how to keep their children’s teeth healthy and strong. When should they bring their child in for their first visit to a family dentist in Kailua, HI? How soon do they need to start brushing? When do you introduce flossing? All of these questions are on many parents’ minds and finding the right answers could mean the difference between serious dental decay and a clean, healthy mouth.

Even if your child is still very young, it is important to start thinking about oral hygiene. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends that children visit the dentist some time before they turn one year old. At the very first visit, the dentist can help to explain oral hygiene techniques that are effective with children and conduct a simple exam. This visit will obviously be much different than visits when the child gets older, but it can help to familiarize a child with the dentist’s office and to detect potential problems.

As your child grows, it is important to keep visiting your family dentist in Kailua, HI regularly. Once all of your child’s teeth have grown in your dentist may start fluoride treatments. This will help to make tooth enamel stronger to resist decay. When permanent teeth arrive, a sealant may be applied to new molars to further protect these teeth from harmful bacteria.

Visits with a family dentist in Kailua, HI are only part of the equation, though. It is important that good oral hygiene be practiced at home daily. Even before your child’s first tooth erupts, a quick swipe with a damp washcloth over gums helps to eliminate bacteria. Once a tooth has come through, purchase a soft toothbrush and begin the practice of daily brushing. It is important for parents to understand the importance of not putting a child to bed with a bottle. This practice can cause a serious form of dental decay that may even require the pulling of all of the child’s front teeth.

Even with the best at home care, dental problems sometimes arise. If your child complains of pain, shows signs of swelling or infection, or has bleeding of the gums, contact your family dentist in Kailua, HI for an appointment. Together you can help to keep your child’s mouth healthy, clean, and free from serious bacteria or decay.

Talk to a family dentist in Kailua, HI for more information on how to care for your child’s teeth. As part of total oral hygiene, regular visits to a family dentist in Kailua, HI are a great way to treat and prevent dental problems now and in the future.

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